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  • How does Gratitude Co. keep its products free?
    Gratitude Co. keeps its products free by partnering with leading brands to place non-intrusive advertising on our products. This revenue stream allows us to offset production costs and pass on free products to our customers.
  • What brands does Gratitude Co. partner with?
    Gratitude Co. partners with a variety of leading brands, including those in the consumer goods, technology, and financial services industries. We carefully select partners who share our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.
  • How does Gratitude Co contribute to social causes?
    A portion of our profits goes towards charities dedicated to ending hunger and poverty in South Africa. By advertising with us, you're not just promoting your brand but also contributing to a meaningful cause.
  • Are Gratitude Co products manufactured locally?
    We prioritize supporting local businesses and contributing to the growth of our communities.
  • What makes Gratitude Co different from traditional advertising?
    Gratitude Co merges advertising with social impact. Our model helps advertisers connect with their audience in a meaningful way, while consumers benefit from free essential items. It's advertising with a purpose.
  • How can I advertise with Gratitude Co?
    Visit our 'Advertise With Us' page, choose a product, design your ad, and select distribution channels. It's a simple process with impactful results.
  • What products can I advertise on?
    To explore the range of products available for advertising, visit our 'Products' page. There, you'll find details about each product and the advertising spaces available.
  • Can I request specific products or propose custom advertising ideas?
    Absolutely! We welcome advertisers to share their specific product preferences or propose custom advertising ideas. Contact us, and our team will work to source the products or explore ways to bring your unique advertising concepts to life.
  • What benefits do suppliers receive?
    Community Impact: By joining Gratitude Co, your products contribute to our mission of alleviating financial burdens for consumers. Visibility and Recognition: Suppliers become part of a network that supports local businesses, gaining visibility among our engaged audience. Innovation Opportunities: Gratitude Co is open to considering almost any product. Private label suppliers can test their innovations or creations with our audience, allowing for valuable market feedback. Collaborative Growth: Joining Gratitude Co opens avenues for partnerships within our community, fostering collaborative growth for your business.
  • Are there specific criteria for becoming a Gratitude Co supplier?
    We look for suppliers who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and supporting the local economy. Reach out to us to discuss potential collaboration.
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