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  • Cereal

    Our beloved cereal is not just a breakfast staple; it's a symphony of crispy, golden cereal flakes.


    Approx. Advertising Metrics (based on 1000 box minimum)

    • 120,000 impressions per month
    • Reach: 1000 households
    • Duration: 3 weeks


    Appeal to individuals:

    • Before work: 45% of adults eat cereal for breakfast on weekdays, reaching a wider audience during the workweek.

    • Before school: With 60% of children aged 5-12 eating cereal at least once a week, reach families with young childre during the school season.

    • On-the-go breakfast: Rice Krispies cereal is a convenient and portable breakfast option, reaching individuals on the go, particularly in the morning rush.

    • After-school snack: A satisfying treat for kids and adults alike, Rice Krispies cereal is perfect for curbing hunger between meals.

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